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        VRICSA – Association ( Vivacious and Rejuvenating Intellectuals of Computer Science Association)                   TOWARDS SUCCESS…

“VRICSA” is an association of department of Computer Science and Engineering meant for the benefits of UG and PG students. The association mainly focuses on exposures to recent updates on IT by conducting various programmes. Numbers of technical events like aptitude, vocabulary and coding contests have been conducted. Many non technical events like treasure hunt, short films, rangoli are also encouraged. Our association not only improves students technical skills, also soft skills like leadership quality through the event like ‘NAYAK’. Students also actively involved in social activities like DEYA and Blood Donation. We encourage our students to enhance current affairs with the help of THINKTANK board and then every week we recognize those students by awarding the prizes. Our association periodically publishes a magazine named ‘Tech Zest’ which includes articles in recent trends and their creativity such as drawing, poetry, etc., We have arranged alumni interaction for the students with our alumni to share their experience and current expectation of the industry.  

        1. DEVI GAYATHRI S of Final year

Joint Secretaries

        1.  LAXMAN CIBI S of Final year
        2.  PRAKASH V of Third Year


        1.  VENKATESH M of Final year

Joint Treasurer

        1. STELINBERCIA S of Final Year

Office bearers From Final Year

        1. NATHISH KUMAR A
        2. AKILAN Y

From III Year

        1. KARTHIKEYAN S
        2. ARUN KUMAR N
        3. KOTEESWARAN P N
        4. POOJA SHREE K
        5. YUVASHREE R

From II Year

        1. AARTHI M
        2. GOWSALYA G
        3. VENKATESH V
        4. PRANESH KUMAR B

   EVENTS : 2019 -2020 

Association Inauguration

VRICSA 8 th Inaugural function is held on 12.07.19 in Department of CSE. Chief guest Mr. Makesh Gopalakrishnan addressed the students and he shared following important points to the students.

  • Self learning is very important to get a job
  • Going to internship in software companies is very useful for students to develop their skills
  • Participating hackathon events to enhance their programming skills.


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