Achievements & Awards

ACHIEVEMENTS -Department   Level

  • Centre of Excellence
    • Amazon AWS
    • Data Science
  • Laboratory Supported by Industries by MOU
    • Virtusa Software Services Private Limited, Chennai
    • Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd,Chennai
    • Augusta Hitech Soft Solutions, Coimbatore
    • ABE Semiconductor Designs, Chennai
    • ABC Infomedia, Erode
    • VM Ware IT Academy
    • Oracle Academy
  • S.Karthiga of 2012-2016 batch achieved 46th Rank in Anna University Examination
  • Above 80% of students – complete their graduation.
  • More than 78% of our students got placed in well reputed companies.
  • Industrial supported Laboratories – EMC2, VMWARE, Oracle Academy, Amazon Web Services, ABE Semiconductor Designs and Virtusa.
  • Providing merit scholarship for students with high cut off.
  • Many enrichment programs have organized like Guest lectures, Technical Seminars, FDPs ,  Online Courses,  Value Added Courses and  Industrial visits etc..
  • Our faculty members participated in 86 enrichment programs in various Institutes.
  • Department Facilities:
    • Department Library
    • No.of Labs:- 6 Nos.
    • No.of Class Rooms: – 3 Nos.
    • Tutorial Halls: 2 Nos.
    • Meeting Hall: 1 No.
  • Total number of proposal sent – 18,
  • Sanctioned -2
  1. ISTE-SRM Sponsorship – Rs. 1,00,000
  2. ICMR Sponsorship – Rs. 50,000

ACHIEVEMENTS -Faculty   Level

  • Dr.Meenakshi Devi Professor and Head/IT has been Honoured with Best Women Faculty Award from Nature Science Foundation
  • 100% result in Anna University Examinations – 55 Subjects
  • Research Supervisors in Anna University: 1 No. (Guided 3 Ph.D. Scholars)
  • Ph.D. Completed: 4 Nos.
  • No.of papers published in Journals: 90
  • No.of books published : 6

List of Certified Trainer/ Skilled Trainer

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Domain / Name of the Certificate
1 Mrs.K.G.Lavanya Assistant Professor Redhat Linux System Adiministration Trainer
2 Mrs.K.G.Lavanya Assistant Professor ICT Academy Certified Trainer (C-Programming)
3 Dr.DhurgaDevi Associate Professor VM Ware Data Centre Virtualization Fundamentals
4 Mr.M.Selva Kumar Assistant Professor Virtusa CRM Trainer
5 Mr.S.Nanandhagopal Assistant Professor Virtusa TTT
6 Mr.R.Naresh Assistant Professor Wibro PRP Trainer

List of Certified Trainer/ Skilled Trainer

S.No Patent Title Name of the Faculty Status
1 Automated Ration Distributed System   Provisionally filed

List of Funded Project

S.No Name of the Project Agency Amount
1 Emerging trends in interfacing medical equipment and EMR using cloud technology- Seminar ICMR Rs. 50,000
2 Big Data Analytics and Application –STTP ISTE-SRM Rs. 1,00,000

Book Published by Faculty

S.No Title of the Book Name of the Author Name of the Publication Year of Publication
1. Computer Architecture Dr.P.Meenakshi Devi AR Publication 2015
2. Distributed Systems
Dr.P.Meenakshi Devi
AR Publication 2016
3. Programming and Data Structure II Dr.P.Meenakshi Devi ARS Publication 2016
4. Adhoc and Sensor Networks Dr.P.Meenakshi  Devi Ms.M.DhurgaDevi Ms.K.G.Lavanya AR Publication 2016
5. Foundation Skills in Integrated Products Mr.S.Arun Prasanth ARS Publication 2016
6. Information Management Mr.S.Arun Prasanth ARS Publication 2017
7. Distributed System
Dr.P.Meenakshi Devi
ARS Publication 2019

Research Exposure

Research and Development (Ph.D. Details)

S.No Particulars No. of Faculty
1 No. of Research Supervisors in the Department 1
2 No. of Scholars completed Ph.D. under the guidance of supervisor 2
3 No. of Scholars pursuing Ph.D. under the guidance of Supervisor 1
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