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Academic year 2019-2020

S. No. Type of Programme Title of Programme Date Level Supporting Bodies Name of the resource person
1 National Conference Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0(COIN 2020) 14.03.20 National ICTACT Tandava Popuri,Software engineer Director at Dell Bengaluru Area, India.
2 Workshop National level convention workshop on machine learning 6.3.2020 to 7.3.2020 National CSI

Sathish Paramasivam, CEO & Founder, i18n Solutions, salem

3 Seminar DevOps Cloud Technology 20.07.19 Institute -
Technical Lead,Tata Consultancy Services
4 Workshop Blockchain Architecture 7.09.19 Institute -
Mr.K.Boopathi Raja
CEO, Training Trains.
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