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Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute



The Tamil Nadu Student Innovators 2020 Programme includes the following events: 1. Awareness programmes 2. Ideation (IDEA) Camp 3. Boot Camp 4. State Level Pitch 5. Fellowship/Prototyping Tamil Nadu Student Innovators 2020 Awareness Programme will be organized region-wise, in 5 regions (Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli & Madurai regions). Due to COVID 19 situation, EDII TN has planned to organize TNSI 2020 Awareness programmes through online mode(webinar). Awareness Programme The awareness programme (Webinar) is for around 200 ~ 250 students from each region. The Field Coordinators from the hub institutions will organize the TNSI 2020 Awareness programme through online platform to the spoke institution E Cell Students and coordinate along with the technical partners /Entrepreneurs/Startups for the further processes.

The objective of TNSI 2020 awareness programme is to acquaint the students on the entrepreneurship community, government efforts & initiatives, the stakeholders , the journey from an aspirant to an entrepreneur, startup steps, about TNSI, clarification of participants doubts, introducing the listed problem statements from domains like agriculture, smart city, industry and Health care for providing ideas to solve the problems and also provide guidance to upload their ideas in EDII TN website. From the ideas registered in the website, 50-60 ideas from each region will be selected and the student teams will be requested to attend the Idea camp to shape up their ideas. It will be organized in each region, based on the registration of ideas by students. Idea camp for good ideas to shape up we need human interaction, conflict, argument & debate. One-day long ideation programmes (Idea Camp) will be conducted for 25-30 teams (60 students) each. It aims to validate ideas to make them better by breaking thought patterns, understanding customer needs, the process of generating ideas for products & services in various situations & environment, and also challenging them to resolve real-time problems. Each zone will organise 2 such one-day programmes to train the selected 50-60 teams. From these ideas, 20 teams (60 students) will be selected for participation in the Boot Camp. Boot camp Entrepreneurship is the way we teach people to take control of their lives in a tough economy. The 3-day boot camp (Each zone will have a boot camp) promises the aspirants to lead them in the right direction. The boot camp is expected to have 20 teams (approx. 60 participants) who will have the first-hand experience from domain experts. The participants will be exposed and coached in the areas of problem-opportunity analysis, elevator pitch, business model canvas and identifying MVP criteria.

Selected start-up ideas will be given an opportunity to pitch in front of mentors. The boot camp is designed to provide the expertise needed by the participants to launch and scale their innovative business ideas. The boot camp will motivate the participants’ vision in launching and scaling a business as well as the ability to inspire investors. All teams selected for the boot camp have to register in the respective hub with a registration fee of Rs.350/- per participant. Each team may have at most 3 members. The process will be repeated in all five zones. Each zone will shortlist and nominate 8 teams for the state-Level Pitch to be held at Chennai. State-Level Pitch: The teams selected from the 5 regions will participate in the State-Level Pitch to be organised by EDII at Chennai.

The top 2 to 5 teams from each region will be awarded Rs. 1 lakh as fellowship award to convert their idea/POC into a prototype. The teams can choose the registered incubator of their choice which has the capacity to mentor them in building their prototype.



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