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Language is a vital tool for communication. The proper learning of language helps us to develop language proficiency, personality and self-confidence.

English language lab has been designed to provide the learners with a strong platform for practical training in the language. The language lab skillfully and effectively develops the language skills of the learners. They are exposed to functional language in use and are familiarised with the many pronunciation styles that are vital in everyday usage of English language in today’s world.

The main objectives of the Language Lab are:

– To emphasize the need of English in the technical world.

– To equip the students with good communication skills.

– To train the students in the art of conversation and discussion.

– To prepare them for interviews and future job environments.

The language learning software (HiClass SW) helps in engaging the students and teachers with manifold possibilities for individualization and interactivity. It gives every learner freedom to learn at their own pace. At the same time, it is possible for teachers to provide assistance individually and collectively. It also allows every participant to have his or her own privacy to speak and listen. They are given training in communication, confidence-building, career development, CV writing and self awareness.

Details of Language Lab:

Lab In charge : Mr. S. Madhan

Software : HiClass SW (75 Users)

No. of Modules : 17

No. of Systems : 01 Teacher Console + 75 Clients and Headphones with Mic

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