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Activity-based Learning, one of the methods, is best suited to acquire skills and cooperative learning. In the first model, a broad scheme of learning outcomes (in terms of skills) is designed by the teacher in consensus with the industry in which the students are expected to take up jobs in the future. The second model is proposed for knowledge acquisition.

Unlike individual learning, which can be competitive in nature, students learning cooperatively can capitalize on one another's resources and skills. The Department of ECE implementing different tools for establishing Active based learning method. Some of the tools are given below.


Clarification Pause Active Listening All Courses
Diagonistic Quiz Metacognitive All Courses
RolePlay Better understand of concept in visual All Courses
Muddiest Better understanding of lagging concept All Courses
Team based learning Learners are individually accountable All Courses
Panel Discussion Critical Thinking motivation Theorycourses
Peer to peer learning Peer group members gives Assessment credit Allcourses
Concept mapping learner to identify and organize information and to establish meaningfulrelationships between the pieces ofinformation. Allcourses
Group Based Learning Improves problem solving skill Allcourses
Fish Bowl Random Doubt Clarification Allcourses
Jigsaw Improves problem solving skill Derivative courses
Think Pair Share Hone their Argumentative skill Theorycourses
Flash card  Learners comprehension throughtheir response to flash cards held by instructor Allcourses
Work at the Blackboard Logic or critical thinking Derivative courses

Academic Year 2020-21



          A rubric is an assessment tool that clearly indicates achievement criteria across all the components of any kind of student work, from written to oral to visual.

          It can be used for marking assignments, class participation, or overall grades. There are two types of rubrics: holistic and analytical.




 Academic Year 2021-22





Academic Year 2022-23



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