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Research and Development

Name of the Faculty
Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer
Dr.P.Murugesan, Professor
Mr.J.Mathan, Assistant Professor
Mr.K.Gopalakrishnan, Assistant Professor
Manufacturing Engineering, Material Sciences, Composite Materials
Dr.P.Gopinath, Associate Professor & Head
Mr.A.Mohanraj, Assistant Professor
Mr.P.Chakaravathi, Assistant Professor
Design, Optimization techniques
Dr.P.Kanakarajan, Associate Professor
Mr.S.Balamurugan, Assistant Professor
Mr.M.Amarnath, Assistant Professor
Mr.S.Rahul, Assistant Professor
Energy, Alternative Fuels, IC Engines
Dr.M.Sivakumar, Associate Professor
Mr.R.Vasanthakumar, Assistant Professor
Mr.P.Manikandan, Assistant Professor
Mr.G.Venkatesh, Assistant Professor


S.No. Project Title Duration Funding Agency Total Amount
1 Process Optimization in Car Sill Assembly 03.01.2016 to 16.04.2016 KONE Elevators,
2 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Orthosis Human walker 07.08.2017 to 15.12.2017 Dhisaa futuristic services, Salem Rs.60,000.00


S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount YEAR STATUS
1 Dr.P.Murugesan Heat Exchangers and its Applications CSIR Rs.30,000 2012 Completed
2 Dr.P.Murugesan Recent Development in Prosthesis Materials and its challenges in Medical Applications Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) Rs.40,000 2016 Completed
3 Dr.P.Murugesan Low cost Automation for Agricultural Enhancement Using MEMS AICTE-ISTE Rs.3,00,000 2018 Completed
4 Mr.S.Balamurugan Design and Analysis of I.C Engine Piston With Ceramic Coating TNSCST Rs.7,500 2020 Completed
5 Dr.R.Mani 3D Printing and Design AICTE-ATAL Rs.93,000 2020 Completed
6 Mr.S.Balamurugan Automatic Door opening and closing Using PIR Sensor TNSCST Rs.7,500 2021 Completed
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