Name of the Faculty

Research Areas

1 Dr.P.MURUGESAN Heat transfer enhancement, Computational fluid dynamics Machine learning
2 Dr.P.GOPINATH Composite Materials,
3 Dr.R.MANI Solar energy, Heat transfer
4 Dr. P. KANAKARAJAN Production Technology & Acoustic Emission Technique
5 K.VELUSAMY Composite Materials , Manufacturing
6 S.PONNUSAMY Solar Power , Heat transfer
7 R.VASANTHAKUMAR Heat transfer , Solar Energy
8 S.BALAMURUGAN Cryogenic machining , Casting
9 A.MOHANRAJ Additive Manufacturing , 3- D printing
10 P.MANIKANDAN Composite Materials, Additive Manufacturing
11 M.AMARNATH Additive Manufacturing, 3- D printing
12 P.CHAKRAVARTHI Composite Materials , Alternative fuels
13 S.MOHANAVELAN Heat Transfer in Nano-fluids, Advanced IC Engine Technologies
14 S.RAJKUMAR Tribology , Micro Electro Mechanical System , Structural health monitoring and prognosis
15 S.BASKARAN Composite Materials, Solar Power System
16 A.PREMKUMAR Solar Energy,  Composite
17 K.GOPALAKRISHNAN Vibration  and Acoustic in Bearings,
18 S.RAHUL Smart materials , Lean Manufacturing
19 J.MATHAN Smart materials , IOT
20 P.KARTHICK Additive Manufacturing, 3- D printing


S.No. Project Title Duration Funding Agency Total Amount
1 Process Optimization in Car Sill Assembly 03.01.2016 to 16.04.2016 KONE Elevators,
2 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Orthosis Human walker 07.08.2017 to 15.12.2017 Dhisaa futuristic services, Salem Rs.60,000.00


S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount YEAR STATUS
1 Dr.P.Murugesan Heat Exchangers and its Applications CSIR Rs.30,000 2012 Completed
2 Dr.P.Murugesan Recent Development in Prosthesis Materials and its challenges in Medical Applications Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) Rs.40,000 2016 Completed
3 Dr.P.Murugesan Low cost Automation for Agricultural Enhancement Using MEMS AICTE-ISTE Rs.3,00,000 2018 Completed
4 Mr.S.Balamurugan Design and Analysis of I.C Engine Piston With Ceramic Coating TNSCST Rs.7,500 2020 Completed
5 Dr.R.Mani 3D Printing and Design AICTE-ATAL Rs.93,000 2020 Completed
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