Faculty in charge: S. Mohanavelan, AP/MECH.

SMART- SYMBOL OF MECHANICAL ART of Mechanical Engineering Department is an organization formed by the students which works for the students. The basic aim of SMART is to enrich students with different qualities to add dimensions to their personality so that every student emerges as multi-functional engineer. SMART is established in the year 2012. SMART is mentored by experienced HEAD of Mechanical Engineering Department students take upon many initiatives that prepare them to face the challenges of the future. The motto of SMART is to mould one’s personality in such a way that one becomes equally competent in the market. The student members will gain skills and practical experience outside the classroom through meetings and competitions to start their professional career.

Guest Name: Mr. T. Arumugam, HR Head in Kone Elevators India (P) Ltd, Date:26.09.2012.

Guest Name: Mr.V.P. Ponnuswamy,HR Head of Reckitt Benckiser Scholl India Ltd.
Guest Name: Mr.T.Arumugam,  HR Head in Kone Elevators India (P) Ltd, Date: 3.8.2014.

Guest Name: JC. R Venkatasubramaniam,  Manager – HR, Ashok Leyland.
Guest Name: Mr.S.Naresh, Assistant Manager – Designs,Titan Company Limited, Hosur, Date: 24.7.2015.

Guest Name: Mr. Rajesh Ranganathan, Product manager, ZOHO Corporation, Chennai, Date: 22.8.2016.

Mr.V.Senthilkumar , Managing Director Herboo Chickens, Erode, Mrs.S.Manobharathi Director Herboo Chickens, Erode, Date:28.8.2017

Mr.Arumugam Thiruvambalam,DGM HR-Kone Elevators India (P) Ltd,Date: 28.7.2018.

Mr.Murugan C Krishnaswamy, Diector ALM-PLM Solution, Bengalur, Date: 20.7.2019.

Mr.Vinothkumar, Manager HR & Administration, MC Wane India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore. Date:19.09.2020.


Academic Year: 2020 – 2021

S.No Register No Name of the Student Year /Sem Designation Photo
01 731617114011 G.Bhagavathi perumal IV/A Secretary G.Bhagavathi perumal
02 731617114015 S.Buvanesvaran IV/A Treasurer S.Buvanesvaran
03 731618114004 A.K.Arun Praksah III Join Secretary
04 731618114007 D.Dhanasekar III Join Treasurer
05 731617114059 Monish kanna IV/B Member Monish kanna
06 731617114070 R.Pradeep IV/B Member R.Pradeep
07 731618114017 R.Krishna kumar III Member R.Krishna kumar
08 731619114 P.Harish II Member
09 731619114 P.Kishore II Member
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